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Entry #9


2008-12-15 08:50:43 by Electric-ice

I made a List of my Current tracks on which IN MY OPINION is the best I made so far. Make your own list on my tracks.. I want to see which one that's more popular from the audience. 1 Is the best 9 the worst.
1. E.I Chaos
2. E.I Trash of Time
3. E.I New Generation
4. E.I Chaotic Night of Darkness
5. E.I Noob
6. E.I Jump the Fuck up!
7. E.I Bass
8. E.I Hardbeat
9. E.I Sample of Hardcore

Yup that's My List, Tell me about your Opinion? No Hate Comments are Allowed XD

P.S Working on a new Track as we Speak, Believe me It's a lot Better then the last one Promise.


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2008-12-15 12:03:31

Would be nice with quick links to them too. :)

(Updated ) Electric-ice responds:

Done :D